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Gems from the Star

by evan on 29 April 2010

Just thought I’d post a few headlines from Dunedin’s community newspaper. We’re a town that likes to think big, to make sure everyone knows that we’re both a real, vibrant, forward-thinking city, and a traditional, family-values community.

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The ODT: Just When You Thought They’d Let You Down

by evan on 15 April 2010

From the front page of yesterday’s paper:

Oh, ODT, there was a time when that Nuggets player would have been “battered.” What has happened to you? Did you pass up this opportunity just because it would have been in poor taste?

Oh well, let me let my eye slide cautiously to the right…

Oh, how could I doubt you. You’ve done it again! You’ve taken something unpunnable and given it a visual pun of the lowest possible quality. I applaud you. I mean, if it were me, I would never have even thought of giving a piece like that an image in the first place, but I can admit when I am so, so wrong.

Sunday Briefs

by evan on 04 April 2010

First, a joke a L’il Wayne’s expense:

[insert Billy T James laugh] Like, a single village tequila, eh?

And now for today’s puns:


So much fear. I mean fair. A veritable fare of fair fear. It’s fearsome.

Good job, good job. Although the headline below should have been “Sharks fail to bite Reds.”